It’s almost Mother’s Day .

My son is taking a nap , so I have decided to write about Mother’s Day that is almost here ( 6th of March 2016 ) .

Mother’s Day is a time for celebrating mothers and the special bond they share with their children .

I don’t ask for much , even on Mother’s Day.

I’ll be perfectly happy with my two angels , but a girl can dream , so this Mother’s Day I wish all the mums health and happiness and a bathroom door that says SHUT ( I am sure that some mums will understand me ! ) .

Every time that I decide to have a relaxing bath my son wants to play in the bathroom with all the toys that he has .

I know !!! Being a mum is a really hard job , you don’t have any days off,breaks,holidays etc…you work 365 days a year , 7 days a week ,24 hours a day but we ( mums ) do all of this with love and for free .

This poem from Velerie DuPont shows the love that a mother has for her son .

A mother’s love for her son is pure and special.

It can not be broken or reckon with.

It’s a kind of love that softens even the hardest of hearts .

Love between mother and son is strong and visible from the sea .

It brings peace of mind and drys sad tears.

It can bring a man to his knees and make him weep.

A mother’s love for her son is not hidden or shy , but is ever lasting that grows stronger each day .
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Author: Mums diary blog

I am a Portuguese busy mum of 2 , my daughter Sara who is 15 years old and my little boy Tomas who is 2 years old . I am a stay at home mum so I have decided to start a blog to share with you my daily routine with my family...

3 thoughts on “It’s almost Mother’s Day .”

  1. Lovely beautiful and poignant poem! I’m a mother to three girls and one son! But I lost three boys, two neonatally and one to stillbirth and my relationship with my son is important to me! No more important than my daughters it’s just different! Happy Mother’s Day! I wrote a similar post about Mother’s Day today! Xx

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