Saturday, like every other day !

My resolution for this year 2016 was to be more productive,energetic and of course happier .
Don’t get me wrong ,I am very happy with my life overall. I have two most amazing kids and the best husband in the whole world .
I am healthy ,so is my family .
I could not ask for more.


But everyone has those bad days ! ( especially women on those days of the month ) . I just don’t feel like doing nothing . I am moody ,I crave for junk food,I don’t want to look in the mirror …

But when I wake up feeling like that I just put some music on and start singing and dancing . My son loves it !

I wake up every day at 7am , around 8am have breakfast with the kids and hubby .
At 9am husband leaves for work and if the weather is good I take Tomas outside to play in the park. If it’s not we play indoors for a while then he follows me everywhere while I clean the house.
Around 12pm we have lunch .
At 3pm Tomas gets up from his nap have a snack and plays with his sister that by this time is back from school.
Around 7pm we all have dinner and around 9pm Tomas goes to bed .

Finally after 9pm it’s mommy and daddy’s time to relax . Normally we make a cup of tea ,we talk , watch TV and then around 11pm we go to bed .

Tomas daily routine :

7am _ wake up
8am _ breakfast
9am _ play time or follow mommy while she is cleaning
12pm _ lunch
1pm_ nap
3pm _ snack
4pm _ play time with his sister
6pm_ bath time
7pm_ dinner
8pm_ reading or colouring
9pm _ bed time

So my Saturdays are like every other day!

Mess of the day :


Tomas grabbed his sister’s make up 😵.
When everything is quite it means that something is wrong !!!! 😊


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Author: Mums diary blog

I am a Portuguese busy mum of 2 , my daughter Sara who is 15 years old and my little boy Tomas who is 2 years old . I am a stay at home mum so I have decided to start a blog to share with you my daily routine with my family...

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