A day at the park with mom

Today I told my daughter that we would stay at home,because my mum is coming from Portugal tomorrow to spend a few months with us . She misses her grandchildren very much .
But the sun was shining so we decided to go to the park .


Tomas was excited because he loves going to the park .


A day at the park with Mom is so fun
To and from the swings I run and run
Jump on the tire and turn all about
“Gimme a push mom !”are words I’ll shout

Pump my legs on the swing I’ll do
Don’t pump too hard you’ll lose a shoe!
Up and over the top I’ll go
And see the whole world way down below

I’ll swing so high no one will see
Me fly to the sky on the clouds I’ll be
Sit on the wagon with my mom and pose
Today at the park ,anything goes .

Poem by Annissa Worobec




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Author: Mums diary blog

I am a Portuguese busy mum of 2 , my daughter Sara who is 15 years old and my little boy Tomas who is 2 years old . I am a stay at home mum so I have decided to start a blog to share with you my daily routine with my family...

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