Bye Bye 2016 !

Wishing you beautiful moments

Treasure memories,and all the 

Blessing a heart can know .

Love , Claudia 



Harrods Christmas Grotto

Magical Day yesterday at Harrods Christmas Grotto .

My little Bubba was amazed with everything .

He can’t believe that he actually met Father Christmas , he’s was mesmerized all the time  .

May the sweet Magic of Christmas 

Not only fills in your heart and soul 

But also spreads to your dears

Wishing you a Christmas filled with fun and joy !

Love , Claudia .


Personalise your Christmas with My 1st Years 

Christmas is just around the corner so it’s time to think about special gifts for your family and friends .

So I want to share with you how you can make your Christmas even more personal to you .

My 1st Years has the most fabulous festive Christmas collection.

Discover outfits , decorations ,toys and more all with that personalised touch .

Christmas Decorations :

From £5 to £30

Stocking and Sacks :

From £15 to £40

Christmas Toys :

From £15 to £120

Christmas Outfits :

From £12 to £45

Have a look at their website , I am sure you will not regret it .


P.S : I’ve order some of My 1st Years products as a Christmas gifts for my son and let me tell you that all of us ( family ) couldn’t resist and we let him open the gifts before Christmas .

Silly me !!! Now I have to buy him new ones  or ( Santa will bring  him new ones ! )

Santa is coming …. so shop now !

Love, Claudia 



Our October memories …

” October’s the month 

When the smallest breeze 

Give us a shower

Of Autumn leaves .

Bonfire and pumpkins,

Leaves sailing down –

October is red and golden and brown “

Hope you all have a lovely Autumn !

Love , Claudia 


Summer memories

August memories .

The sand may brush off,

The salt may wash clean,

The tans may fade,

But the memories 

Will last forever .

Hello September .

Welcome !

Please be kind ,fun and exciting as August was .