My New Year’s Resolutions

Making New Year’s resolutions is a tradition that I like to uphold. 

So every year I pick out a few things to work and keep the list on my diary as a constant reminder .

I came across a quick questionnaire that helps you decide on your resolutions for the year to come . Check out my answers below .

A bad habit I’m going to break :

Stop biting my nails ! I know it’s really bad and disgusting.

A destination I’d like to visit :

DisneyLand Paris . I have this dream since I was little . 

I’m going to work harder at :

Making time for exercise .

A class I’d like to take :

Photography .

I’d like to spend more time doing :

Outdoor activities .

A food I want to eat more of :

Fruits and veggies. Healthy food mainly.

I want to wear more :

Sports clothes.
There you have it !

What are your resolutions for 2017 ?

Fill out the questionnaire yourself in the comments , or print it out and keep it as a reminder .
Love , Claudia


Stylish workout outfits

It’s always a good time to start working out and being fit , but with the swimsuit season around the corner now is the perfect time to start toning up !
So I promise myself that while my kid is playing at the park I will exercise more , instead of being seat in a bench reading a magazine .

Here are some of my favourite sportswear looks to get me motivated.







Let me know what’s your favourite’s ?

* source : Pinterest


What is QUARK ???

What is QUARK ?


Quark by Sainsbury’s – 1£

This mysterious cheese variety is a weight loss favourite .

But what makes QUARK so healthy and how do you use it ?

QUARK is soft ,fresh cheese,that has a similar creamy texture to sour cream.
Like low – fat yoghurt or fromage frais !QUARK contains less fat than most creamy cheeses.
As for nutritional benefits ,QUARK is a rich source of protein , it’s high in calcium which is essential for strong bones and teeth ,vitamin A for good eyesight and B vitamins that supports the nervous system .

How to use it ?

QUARK is very versatile cheese to cook with and can be use in sweet or savoury dishes .
Use it as a substitute for full -fat sour cream in cheesecakes , dips ,sauces ,cakes recipes ,sandwich spread ,easy snacks or breakfast mixed with nuts , seeds or fruits .

This recipe is very easy to make ,very tasty and most important syn free !

Syn Free Hummus


2 tins chickpeas
1 pot Quark
2 crushed garlic
Salt and pepper
Lemon juice

Place chickpeas ,quark and garlic in a food processor and blitz until quite smooth . Then start to add a little salt and pepper and a squirt of lemon juice ,blitz again for a minute then taste again .
If the mixture is very thick just add a little water to make it softer .

It’s a perfect snack to serve with carrots and celery sticks.

Kids will love it !

Let me know what you think .


Healthy Habits

When I can,I like to start the day with a relaxing and quiet breakfast.
By habit as soon as I wake up I drink a glass of warm water with a few drops of lemon.
I prefer to start the day with a lemon tea to cleanse your body , specially after a party weekend .


Next I make oatmeal .
It’s healthy and delicious !

Here is the recipe :

Combine oats and water in a small saucepan and bring to boil together with a cinnamon stick and lemon peel .
If you want you can add some cold milk for consistency .
Top with jam,nuts,bananas,berries or honey .


Give it a try and let me know what you think .