Counting On Gloves 

It’s winter time so you have to keep your little one’s hands warm , so what could be better than a pair of gloves that can also help them with their maths.

So I was really interested when I found out about Counting On Gloves ( COGS ) .

They offer a new way of helping children to rapidly learn their times tables with fun and confidence .

The gloves come in five different colours and each pair is printed with time tables from 1-10 on the fingers of each hand .

You can then play a range of games with them to begin learning .

My little boy is only three years old so times tables is a bit beyond him right now , but let me tell you that he already knows the numbers that are on the gloves . 

Children are use to count with their fingers so Countingongloves   will definitely improve their skills .

This is great for those long walks to school on chilly winter mornings !

Single pairs of Counting On Gloves cost £ 7.95,with packs ranging from £12.95 to £35.45 for the fully set of 10 .

You can visit them on :

Love , Claudia